The Municipal Flag of Chicago: Municipal Code Sections

Listed below are the sections from the Municipal Code of Chicago pertaining to the Municipal Flag.

1-8-020        Design of flag, emblems and badges.
   The forms, devices, symbols and colors in this chapter described and set 
forth, respectively, for the purpose mentioned, shall be and they are hereby 
adopted for the municipal flag, the municipal standard, the municipal pennant, 
the municipal device, and the municipal badge of the city. (Prior code 2-2)
1-8-030        Municipal flag-Design requirements.
   The municipal flag shall be white, with two blue bars, each taking up a 
sixth of its space, and set a little less than one-sixth of the way from the 
top and bottom of the flag, respectively. There shall be four bright red stars 
with sharp points, six in number, set side by side, close together, next to 
the staff in the middle third of the surface of the flag. The said red stars 
on the municipal flag shall be designated from the hoist outwards as follows:
   Fort Dearborn;
   The Great Chicago Fire of October 8-10, 1871; 
   The World's Columbian Exposition of 1893; 
   The Century of Progress of 1933. 
   The proportions of the municipal flag and standard shall be preferably two 
in height to three in breadth, or three in height to five in breadth, in 
banners to be borne by hand, and as one to two in flags to be flown from masts 
and staffs, or in any of the dimensions officially prescribed for the national 
ensign by the government of the United States. When suspended from windows or 
over a street, the municipal flag may be pointed or notched.   The municipal 
standard shall be made of silk, and be fringed with gold. (Prior code  2-3) 
1-8-040        Municipal flag-Display.
   The municipal flag shall be displayed on the City Hall, and on other 
municipal buildings and other public places, on all holidays and other 
occasions when the national flag is ordered to be displayed. Provided, always, 
however, that such municipal flag shall never be displayed in any position 
that shall indicate superiority to or precedence over the flag of the United 
   Every public building owned by the city shall be equipped with a flagpole 
mounted on the outside thereof. (Prior code 2-4)
1-8-090         Private use of flags and emblems unlawful
   It shall be unlawful for any person to use the municipal flag, standard, 
pennant, or badge, or any imitation or design thereof, except for the usual 
and customary purposes of decoration or display. No person shall print or 
stamp thereon or cause to be displayed thereon any letter, word, Iegend or 
device not herein provided for. Any person violating this section shall be 
fined not less than $5.00 nor more than $25.00 for each offense. (Prior code