Here is a list of every bar (186) in Chicago that has a valid license for an
outside beer garden for the summer of 2001. So when you're  thinking of
drinking outside...

Adagio, 923 W. Weed St.
Arco de Cuchilleros, 3445 N. Halsted St.
Aspen Cafe & Coffee Bar, 2623 N. Halsted St.
Avanzare, 161 E. Huron St.

Bee's Archer Pub, 3327 S. Archer Ave.
Bennigan's, 555 W. Madison St.
Bernies, 3664 N. Clark St.
Big John's, 1147 W. Armitage Ave.
Big Shoulders Cafe, 1601 N. Clark St.
Biggs, 1150 N. Dearborn St.
Bigsby Bar & Grill, 1749 N. Wells St.
Blue Frog, 676 N. La Salle St.
Blue Mesa, 1729 N. Halsted St.
Bogey's, 2725 E. 130th St.
Bohica Bar & Grill, 5518 S. Archer Ave.
Bucks Saloon, 3439 N. Halsted St.

Cactus Gold Coast, 1112 N. State St.
Caden's Irish House, 3423 W. Montrose Ave.
Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, 2024 N. Halsted St.
Cafe Fresco, 1202 W. Grand Ave.
Caputo's Restaurant, 3276 W. Columbus Ave.
Carlucci, 2215 N. Halsted St.
Charlie's Ale House, 1224 W. Webster Ave.
Cheers Sidewalk Cafe, 6600 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago Downtown Marriott, 540 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago Pizza, 2532 S. California Ave.
Christie's, 233 E. Wacker Drive
City Reflections, 4459 S. Kedzie Ave.
City Tavern, 33 W. Monroe St.
Connie's Pizza, 3554 N. Clark St.
Cork & Kerry, 10614 S. Western Ave.
Corner Bakery, 676 N. St. Clair St.
Corosh, 1072 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Costa Mare Ristorante, 2666 N. Halsted St.
Cubby Bear Lounge, 1059 W. Addison St.

Daily Bar and Grill, 4560 N. Lincoln Ave.
Danilo's, 464 N. Halsted St.
Deacon Brodies, 2512 N. Halsted St.
Desert Cafe, 6818 W. North Ave.
Dick's Last Resort, 435 E. Illinois St.
Different Strokes, 4923 N. Clark St.
Dos Hermanos, 233 S. Wacker Drive
Doubletree Guest Suites, 198 E. Delaware Place

Eadie's Kitchen & Market, 233 S. Wacker Drive
East Bank Club, 500 N. Kingsbury St.
Eat Your Hearts Out, 1835 W. North Ave.
El Jardin Restaurant, 3333 N. Clark St.
El Nuevo Mexicano, 2914 N. Clark St.
El Pacifico, 1358 W. Belmont Ave.
El Tipico, 1834 W. Foster Ave.
El Torito, 3509 W. Devon Ave.
El-Kee's, 4500 N. Elston Ave.
Elliot's Nesst, 20 E. Bellevue Place

Fat Tuesday, 435 E. Illinois St.
Fireplace Inn, 1448 N. Wells St.
Fireside Pub, 5739 N. Ravenswood Ave.
Friendly Confines Sidewalk Cafe, 1060 W. Addison St.

Galleria Marchetti, 825 W. Erie St.
Gaslight, 2858 N. Halsted St.
Gilhooley's Grande Saloon, 3901 W. 103rd St.
Giordano's Restaurant & Pizza, 1825 N. Lincoln Ave.
Giordano's Restaurant & Pizzeria, 5159 S. Pulaski Rd.
Golden Dragon, 1339 N. Wells St.
Goose Island Brewing Co., 1800 N. Clybourn Ave.
Great Beer Palace, 4128 N. Lincoln Ave.
Griffin's Public House, 2710 N. Halsted St.
Grizzly's Lodge, 3830 N. Lincoln Ave.
Gypsy Restaurant & Wine Bar, 211 E. Ohio St.

Hall Lounge, 2360 S. Cottage Grove
Ham Tree Inn, 5333 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Hamilton's Lounge, 6341 N. Broadway St.
Happy Liquors, 5419 N. Clark St.
Harry's Velvet Room, 534 N. Clark St.
Heartland Cafe, 7000 N. Glenwood Ave.
Hinky-Dinks Pub, 3243 W. 111th St.
Hosteria Tutto, 324 S. Racine Ave.
Hotel Nikko, 320 N. Dearborn St.
House of Hunan, 444 W. Fullerton Ave.

Iggy's, 700 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Island, 942 W. North Ave.

Jamies Restaurant, 444 W. Fullerton Ave.
Jerry's, 2448 N. Clark St.
Joe Bailly's, 10854 S. Western Ave.
Joel's Wine & Deli Bar, 3313 N. Clark St.
John Barleycorn, 658 W. Belden Ave.
Justin's, 3356 N. Southport Ave.

Kamehachi of Tokyo, 1400 N. Wells St.
Kelly's Pub, 949 W. Webster Ave.
Kelly's Tavern, 4403 S. Wallace St.
Kincade's, 952 W. Armitage Ave.
King Crab Tavern/Seafood Grill, 1816 N. Halsted St.
Knight Cap, 152 E. Ontario St.

La Canasta, 3511 N. Clark St.
La Creperie, 2845 N. Clark St.
La Flor de Acapuceo, 6021 W. Grand Ave.
Las Fuentas, 2554 N. Halsted St.
Le Meridien, 21 E. Bellevue Place
Leona's Pizzeria, 1419 W. Taylor St.
Leona's Pizzeria, 3215 N. Sheffield Ave.
Lindo Mexican Restaurant, 2638 N. Lincoln Ave.
Lloyd's Chicago, 200 W. Madison St.

Martini Ranch, 311 W. Chicago Ave.
Max's Deli, 2301 N. Clark St.
McGee's, 950 W. Webster Ave.
Melvin B's Restaurant, 1114 N. State St.
Merlot Joe, 2119 N. Damen Ave.
Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant, 2908 W. 59th St.
Mia Francesca, 3311 N. Clark St.
Moby Nick, 18 E. Bellevue Place
Monsignor Murphy's, 3019 N. Broadway St.
Montrose Saloon, 2933 W. Montrose Ave.
Moody's Restaurant, 5908 N. Broadway St.
Moran's, 1983 N. Clybourn Ave.
Moretti's, 1645 W. Jackson Blvd.
Moretti's, 6727 N. Olmsted Ave.
Murphy's Bleachers, 3655 N. Sheffield Ave.

Nick's, 1516 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Northside Cafe, 1635 N. Damen Ave.
Number's, 6406 N. Clark St.

O'Brien's Restaurant, 1528 N. Wells St.
Oinkers, 3471 N. Elston Ave.
Old Carolina Crab House, 435 E. Illinois St.
Orso's Restaurant, 1401 N. Wells St.

P J's Brewery, 3848 N. Harlem Ave.
Panzerotti's, 24 W. Elm St.
Papagus, 620 N. State St.
Pasta Cucina, 2461 N. Lincoln Ave.
Phyllis' Musical Inn, 1800 W. Division St.
Piatti Restaurant, 215 W. North Ave.
Pizzeria Due, 619 N. Wabash Ave.
Pops For Champagne, 2934 N. Sheffield Ave.
Prince, 3478 N. Clark St.
Prop House, 1675 N. Elston Ave.
Punchinello's, 234 W. 31st St.

Quinn II, 2701 S. Archer Ave.

R Pub and Grub, 2913 N. Lincoln Ave.
Ravens, 2326 N. Clark St.
Red Door Inn, 3656 W. Fullerton Ave.
Red Lion, 2446 N. Lincoln Ave.
Relish, 2044 N. Halsted St.
Resi's Bierstube, 2034 W. Irving Park Road
Ricky G's, 7121 N. Western Ave.
Robinson's Ribs, 655 W. Armitage Ave.
Rock Bottom Brewery, 1 W. Grand Ave.
Rolando's Italian Garden, 100 S. Wacker Dr.
Rosal's Cucina, 1154 W. Taylor St.
Roscoe's Tavern, 3354 N. Halsted St.

Schubert Inn, 1301 W. Schubert Ave.
Sertano's, 200 N. La Salle St.
Sheffield Beer & Wine Garden, 3256 N. Sheffield Ave.
Sheraton Chicago Hotel/Tower, 301 E. North Water St.
Sidetrack, 3349 N. Halsted St.
Southport City Saloon, 2548 N. Southport Ave.
Steppin' Stone, 2724 N. Lincoln Ave.
Stevens Rib Cafe, 2623 N. Halsted St.
Street Side, 2 S. Dearborn St.
Sunny Side Tap, 4410 N. Western Ave.
Swissotel Chicago, 323 E. Wacker Drive

T R's Pub, 3908 W. 111th St.
Tally North, 3801 N. Clark St.
Taste of Thailand, 2048 N. Halsted St.
The 3rd Coast on Delaware, 888 N. Wabash Ave.
The Black Cat, 2856 N. Southport Ave.
The Bottom Line, 401 N. Michigan Ave.
The Corner Pocket, 2610 N. Halsted St.
The Cotton Club, 1710 S. Michigan Ave.
The Duke of Perth, 2913 N. Clark St.
The Inn at University Village, 625 S. Ashland Ave.
The Last Act, 1615 N. Wells St.
The Manhandler, 1948 N. Halsted St.
The Pepper Lounge, 3441 N. Sheffield Ave.
The Pumping Company, 6157 N. Broadway St.
The Saddle Club, 313 W. North Ave.
The Village Tap, 2055 W. Roscoe St.
Topo Gigio Ristorante, 1437 N. Wells St.
Tres Amigos, 3625 N. Harlem Ave.
Twisted Spoke, 501 N. Ogden Ave.

U.S. Beer Co., 1801 N. Clybourn Ave.
Un Diamo Ristorante, 1617 N. Wells St.
Un Grand Cafe, 2300 N. Lincoln Pk West
Uncle Julio's Hacienda, 855 W. North Ave.

Wild Onion, 3500 N. Lincoln Ave.
Wishbone Restaurant, 1001 W. Washington Blvd.
Wonderburger, 11045 S. Kedzie Ave.
Workingman's Palace, 4400 W. Diversey Ave.

Yak Zies Bar & Grill, 3710 N. Clark S