Jon wants an article. I'm gonna give him a diatribe... If it makes it to your desktop, congratulations. You have now been assimilated into the mind of Knowtime. That's me. My email is Drop a line if you'd like. I don't bite. Well...most people.
Ya know what I would like to see? A computer that doesn't freeze up on ya. I wonder if this dream will ever become a reality. I think that we as a people are not allowed, because of capitalism, to achieve our true potential until profit is made. I think that the world is an illusion of reality. I think of Vanna White and five gallon buckets of choclate syrup, and how much fun that could be...Yeah, I'm a loser.
But really, It was over 30 years ago that we sent astronauts to the moon. Why have we not even begun to attempt to habitate it? I guess it comes down to wanting to see it done in my lifetime...I mean, damn, my cousin has 50 acres up there! And it's just sittin...:) That depresses me. Buicks to the moon, I believe was the prediction. Well, not in OUR lifetime, not at this pace.
I found it curiously coincidental that ol bubba was scheduled to be disbarred in the a.m. of 9-11-01...
I met an old polish immigrant man named Lester Pokorny. He lived at the convienence store I worked at a couple years ago. You will hear more about him in the coming weeks; stories about him and the wisdom he imparted upon myself and all those who know him. And if you ever get to meet him, ask him about... (Jon you fill this in). (or insert "Habeebs with lasers"
If you follow this column regularly, you will learn some ways to acquire data. Be it music, movies, games, applications, operating systems, Whatever use you find for it, enjoy. Just don't forget to give if you take. It makes the whole scene...more enhanced. You will understand better once you experience it, as with just about EVERYTHING ;more on that later.
So K-Pax is coming out this weekend...who thinks it's Hollywoods way of saying...we know that aliens have visited we're giving you a pre-cursor...:) Gotta love advertising...8P - and the fact that Hollywood always seems one step ahead of whats happening. :)
One more thing, if you find yourself out drinking late with a couple of your friends, and you then find yourself feeling hungry..drop into Iggy's on Milwaukee Ave, right outside the loop. They serve great food until 3am. Try the bow-tie pasta or have a heap of spaghetti right before bed. Yum!
And my webpage of the week is - Until next time! Enjoy!
Did you know that we (U S military) HAVE laser guns? :) Just FYI...