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The Eighth Annual 4th of July Bash Pass the Torch
The story began in 1992. Things looked pretty grim. The “Boys from Boston” (as they were unofficially known) were short on funds. They realized they would not be able to make the trip home for their usual July 4th celebration. It looked desperate until they conceived a bold and daring plan. If they could not go to the party, they would bring the party to Chicago. After much thought, consideration and beer, they circulated an invitation to twenty of their closest friends asking the following simple question, “Why spend July 4th away, when you can watch the Red Sox play in Chicago?” and with that simple question the 4th of July Bash was born.
From these twenty people, word has spread and now people from all over the country plan their July 4th celebration in Chicago. With the festivities scheduled around events like the “Taste of Chicago”, a baseball game, backyard bash, and the pub crawl-scavenger hunt, it is easy to see why this has grown into an annual event. The responsibility of hosting the party has changed over the years, but the main theme remains the same: “Great friends, good booze and the City of Chicago as our personal playground!” The torch of hosting the event on Howe has gone originally from Mark to the current committee below. This year we pass the torch, as many familiar names are now “retiring”... Time to walk the dogs!!
Scheduled Activities: Friday, 2nd of July: Arrival Party on a yacht in Lake Michigan, Post Party at the Hangge Uppe Saturday 3rd of July: Volleyball in the morning (North Ave Beach), Sox Game at Comiskey Park ,FIREWORKS at the Petrillo Mushic Shell , then party at a bar TBA Sunday 4th of July - Clambake by day, Scavenger hunt at night all through Lincoln Park Monday 5th of July - Afternoon farewell / departure Last year, we reached a record of 300 plus! Friends from as far away as Finland attended all the events! The Committee would like to thank everyone who made it possible. A special thanks to last year’s planning committee, and all our friends for attending.
This Year’s Committee Members Eric Meier Sean Fifield Jeff Havsy Marietta LeSage Nora Hipolito Heather Grass Lori Halstead John Hipolito
Should you have any questions regarding the events, please email for prompt answers by our experienced party planners.
Yacht Party 2nd of July, Friday We’ll be leaving from Burnham harbor at 8:30 pm, cruisin' Lake Michigan for 3 hours. That's right... A 3 hour tour, A 3 hour tour! Plan on arriving at 8:00 so we can check everybody in and proceed to soak up the views, and enjoy the nightly Navy Pier fireworks, as a prelim for the big event on Sunday! There will be an open premium bar, music on board, and munchies. This is a great way to kick off the weekend!
Your committee... Your crew.
Cabs will be available after the cruise. The PPC highly recomends this as your form of transportation for the evening so we can all make it through the weekend! Post Party: Hangge Uppe Bar at the corner of State & Elm. Free Cover, drink specials, and tons of dancing to 70’s and 80’s music. Caution: watch out for bad dancers!! Note: bar closes at 3 a.m. Why the Hangge Uppe? The original party planners of this event were former bouncers there, who now claim “real” jobs in respectable financial institutions.
Volleyball and the SOX 3rd of July
Beach, Babes, Boys, and Volleyball (Weather permitting) Everyone welcome!! There will be volleyball, laying out, swimming, watching co-eds, Frisbee. Bring your towel, beach chair and/or rollerbaldes and bike and coolers (bring your own drinks, we'll provide the snacks). Start time is 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Weather permitting there will be volleyball nets set for games at North Avenue Beach. LOOK FOR THE SMILEY FACE FLAG. There will be two nets for both people having fun and another for people who think they can play. We play right by the water so make sure you bring your bathing suit. Bring drinks, but alcohol is against the law. So we will be making some “Hawaiian Punch” to keep the spirits high. There will be rollerblading and bike trips (rentals available) on the lake front to all Chicago’s sites. This has turned out to be a great place to spend the 3rd. OR...
at noon meet at Party Central at 1834 N. Howe. We will be leaving for the White Sox/Red Sox game, taking the “El” (not to "Elk" or the "Elm" shown here) together.
FIREWORKS!! The world's greatest skyline!! 3RD OF JULY
What better way to kick off the holiday weekend than to watch the Lakefront fireworks, synchronized to the CSO in the Petrillo Music Shell? (The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is one of the premier orchestras in the WORLD). The fireworks start at sunset (9:30) on July 3rd, and is a HUGE event in Chicago, with a turn out over one million people each year. Look for a huge blue helium balloon near the music shell in Grant Park. After it’s all over, we are heading to a bar TBD. Check back for details and a map with our exact spot. To guarantee a great spot by the music shell and no overhead trees, we are going to claim our spot EARLY that day. Come early, sunbathe, have a picnic! The more people that come early, the bigger our spot for the evening.
The house barbeque party starts at 11AM and will continue until 5 PM. This is the major event and will be at the house on Howe. All mixed drinks, beer, wine and barbeque food (ribs, chicken, burgers, clam chowder, brats, hotdogs, salads,cookies, etc…) are all included. "mmmmm... ribs, chicken, burgers, clam chowder, brats, hotdogs, salads, cookies, etc..."
The Scavenger-hunt pub crawl will be the main evening event. It starts from the Clambake at 5PM promptly. Teams will be in groups of five. There will be ten bars involved, LOTS OF BEVERAGE and a trophy for the Winning team. This will be an organized event and have all sorts of goodies involved. You don’t want to miss this event (TRUST US)!
We will assign individuals to teams for the Scavenger Hunt. This allows for more interaction, new friendships made and greater competition amongst participants.
Farewell Party 5th of July
This event will be for whoever survives the scavenger hunt or finds the way back home. Everyone who attends the Clambake is welcomed back to PPC headquarters for farewell drinks and a brunch (if you still can drink), and we will all say are good-byes until next year.
We will be updating this web page, and sending you notice if you are on our mailing list. If you are not and would like to be, send us an e-mail at: Send your completed form and payment ASAP. The deadline for all checks is Friday, June 25. Capacity is limited for all events, so send your money in early to guarantee your spot! (If there is any excess money it will be donated to the YWCA of Chicago.) Costs are as follows: Friday Yacht cruise with open premium bar: $45 Capacity: 120 people Departure time: TBD. Will be 8:30 p.m. out of Burnham harbor and comin' back in at 11:30 p.m. PLAN TO BE THERE BY 8:00 so we can check everyone in! Boat name: The Free Spirit Includes open premium bar for 3 hours Saturday: Sox game : $22 limited capacity Includes 1 ticket to game El pass 1 beer Fireworks, v-ball, no charge. Hangge Uppe: Free Cover and discount drinks Sunday Clambake Grill Out & Scavenger Hunt: $40 Capacity: 130 people - This will fill up quickly this year, so send $$ in early!! Unlimited food: ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, etc. Unlimited beverages: beer, soda, punch Custom designed T-shirt with this year’s theme Planned, refereed scavenger hunt at the bars Drink specials at bars on scavenger hunt Trophy to winning team Guest appearances by celebrity impersonators (Elvis has been known to make an appearance!) MONDAY RECOVERY BRUNCH FREE TO ALL WHO PAID FOR THE CLAMBAKE. Includes: Leftover everything Brunch food Story exchange Good-byes Hotel accommodations Provided by the Days Inn of Chicago, 1816 N. Clark Street, across from Lincoln Park. Ten rooms are being held under "Fourth of July Party". Please call early to confirm your reservation. The number is (312)664-3040. The room rate is $109 + tax, which comes out to $125.24. The Days Inn is within 5 minutes of almost all our events, so it's in a great location.
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