Are you SUPER? can you be ULTRA?
Mega Super Ultra needs experienced Bass player ( able to sing backups ) and Drummer.
Need own equipment and have energetic stage presence, no shoe gazers! For original Mod / Punk / Power Pop trio. See our website To join singer songwriter guitar playing front man with over 20 years experience recording, performing, and song writing. Band has been around for 6 years and has two full length cds on a local label.
Have also appeared on several compilations. Band is located and rehearses in Chicago. Have played Los Angeles, Boston, Indiana, London England, all around Chicago. Music is in the style of The Jam, ( Early ) Elvis Costello, ( Early ) Joe Jackson. More recent bands that are in same style The Hives, The (International) Noise Conspericy, The Strokes, Green Day. Here are reviews that might help describe our sound.
Scootering Magazine UK "…as good, and in some cases better than anything around during the ’79 Mod revival"
Revolver USA "…quick changes, starts, stops, clever lyrics and irresistible melodies" "These guys have captured the Mood, the Power, and the Pop that was the Mod Revival in one take! Which I think is absolutely remarkable! Superb, Exhaustive, Entertaining, Power, Pop, Mod, what more do you want?"
For more information look on the internet for reviews and downloads of music go to and enter MegaSuperUltra or Mega Super Ultra.

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